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The third nine weeks Language Arts curriculum will include the following:

Blending onset sounds and rimes
Recognizing beginning and ending sounds

Recognizing middle sounds, short vowels

Introduce long vowel sounds
Introduce more word families, i.e. et, op,en, on, etc.
Introduce more sight words
Expanding writing in Daily Journals
Comprehension - main ideas, characters, setting
Rhyming Words and spelling patterns
Making inferences, what clues help me figure out things the author does not tell me
Nouns/Names for people, places, animals
Sequences of Events - why it is important to know what happens first, next, and last

Author's purpose in writing story

Cause and Effect - what causes events in a story to happen

Retelling stories




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        Accreditation and Affiliations

        Texas Alliance of Accredited Private Schools        We are an affiliate member of the STEM Education Coalition and our curriculum is centered around a STEM foundation, promoting Science, Technology, Engineering and Math.   

        We embrace our cultural diversity at Abercrombie, and are a proud "No Place For Hate" school through the Antii-Defamation League.     Particiation in interscholastic competition enables students to broaden their horizons. We rejoined the PSIA in 2014, and look forward to future participlation.     More than 75% of our 4th Graders have qualified for the Duke University Talent Identification Program (TIP).  Houston Area Independent Schools Library Network

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