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Life Cycles

The student will be able to sort and classify living and nonliving things based upon whether or not they have basic needs and produce offspring.

The student is expected to compare ways that young animals resemble their parents.

The student will be able to analyze and record examples of co-dependence found in different environments. 

The student is expected to observe and record life cycles of animals such as a chicken, frog, or fish.

The student is expected to gather evidence of energy transfer through food chains and animals.


The student is expected to investigate how the external characteristics of an animal are related to where it lives, how it moves, and what it eats.


The student is expected to identify and compare the parts of plants.


These are the upcoming labs that we will be doing for the remainder of the semester. 


We will be classifying different animals by creating our own and attempting to sort it into a category.

We will be observing the co-dependence between several species of animals and go on a hunt to observe and identify them.

We will classify, sort and identify animals based on their rank in the food chain. Students will be writing a report on an animal, or plant, of their chosing. 

We will be creating habitats for animals to live in based on their environment, movement, and diet. 

We will be planting several speicies of plants in our garden and observing, discussing and identifying the parts of plants. 


Life Cycles:

We will be observing the life cycles (from birth to adolescence) of several different species! 

Here is what is on the agenda: chickens, frogs, butterflies, plants

We will record this data in our science journals.


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