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Dear Parents,

Abercrombie Academy flourishes on parent involvement and volunteering.  The generosity of our PTO with their time allows for the creation of our delicate ecosphere.  Through dedication we aim to enhance our curriculum by providing activities that nourish our students' learning by introducing opportunities such as visits from the Museum of Natural Science, “Wildlife on Wheels” and “Discovery Dome”.   Our partnership with administration is a critical to success measure only achieved by soliciting feedback for your needs to become the “Best in Class” private school in the area.

As emissaries of our children it is our purpose to strengthen, enhance and encourage the educational and social environment of Abercrombie Academy students. The PTO’s goals are to complement the school curriculum with additional opportunities for parents, teachers and students to learn, socialize, communicate and grow.

Our mission is to promote open and positive communication and understanding between parents and staff of the school. Our efforts serve to enhance and maximize the education of every child while aiding them in achieving their highest potential.

As a parent, and now a board member of the PTO, I think it is critical to cultivate volunteering within this intimate culture and family values that exist at Abercrombie. My family and I are Ohio natives and relocated to Houston 5 years ago. My wife Angelica, is a 5th grade teacher and my son Tristan, is a 4th grader both a part of the Abercrombie Academy family. In the Klein community I hold a few leadership roles that are homogenous to Abercrombie Academy.  I am the Cubmaster (Pack #382 Abercrombie Academy), Head Coach (Klein Soccer Boys U10) as well as the 2017-2018 PTO President here at Abercrombie Academy. My belief is that volunteering is an essential investment that illustrates to our children good social building blocks to compliment education guidance while growing up in today’s fast pace world.   

I am very excited about this year’s events which include our first Annual Autumn Festival and Sweetheart Family Formal. Stay tuned for information from our mailbox for ways that you can get involved. Supporting classroom parties, fulfilling Teacher Classroom Wish Lists, participation in our Annual Silent Auctions and Fun Run Pledges just to name a few.  We invite each one of you to bequest your time and energy into our Abercrombie Family.


Best Regards,

Christopher Watkins

2017-2018 PTO President

Secretary - Isobella Harkrider 
Treasurer - Nita Gill 
Fundraising Coordinator - 
Volunteer Coordinator - Dinah Mei