remember first hearing about the different types of stars from Mrs. H. This fascinated me and greatly influenced descisions that I made over the years. In Mrs. E's class, I often spent time looking at the giant model of the solar system that she had on the ceiling. I would play on the computers in the computer lab in the back of the building, drawing what I thought were decent exploding stars in space. I immediately knew what I wanted to do...." A former student, Andrew S. Amsterdam, NL


"Abercrombie is fun and teaches good things, they take good care of you in class and everyone is friendly." A current 3rd grader



"The leadership and staff at Abercrombie Academy are exemplary. Caring, professional and nurturing. This school is the hidden jewel of education in the North Houston area". Current Abercrombie Parent (


"My children attended Abercrombie for many years, until we had to leave because one graduated from 5th Grade. One of our daughters is now in the 7th grade and, through the Duke TIPS program, was able to write the SAT. Her reading and writing scores ranked her in the 50th percentile when ranked against outgoing Seniors - that is phenomenal!! The education she received at Abercrombie was a huge contributor to this success! There is a saying...'If you can read, you will always succeed' and Abercrombie has always developed GREAT readers. Thank you to Mrs Abercrombie and the entire teaching staff! Our daughters are well on their way to success and we appreciate your contribution to this success!!" A former Abercrombie Parent (


Abercrombie Academy is a great school and all the teachers and directors are so caring and supportive. My son attended another preschool when he was three. However, he did not have a good experience there; frequently sick, unhappy, and did not want to go to school. The teachers there complained to me about my son’s problems almost every week. I transferred my son to Abercrombie Academy after three months when Abercrombie Academy started to accept new students. Suddenly, everything changed dramatically! My son loved to go to school every morning. He kissed and hugged his teachers every day. I never heard any complaints from any teacher about my son. Sometimes I told the teachers that my son had some bad habits such as biting nails or being mean to his sister. The teachers always said that it was normal for a little kid and let’s work on it. My son spent two years there happily and now it’s my daughter’s turn.

We had been very fortunate to have Mrs. Risdal as 3-year old class teacher both times. She cared and looked after my kids as if they were her own. Actually, every teacher in Abercrombie Academy is so positive and loves students so much. Mrs. Marsalis, the preschool director, understands all my concerns and is always so helpful and considerate.My son entered the Gifted and Talented program in the first semester of kindergarten in public school and my daughter will be very well prepared for kindergarten. I am very proud of my kids and thankful for Abercrombie Academy for helping them grow. Great teachers and great school! Current Abercrombie Parent, Dan Li, Research Scientist at M.D. Anderson Cancer Center


For working parents, there is nothing more important than ensuring that our little ones are in a fun, safe, loving environment that supports their learning and healthy development. The task of finding such a school can feel like you are looking for something that does not exist. That is, until you tour Abercombie Academy and meet their loving staff and teachers.

We feel very lucky to be a part of such a great “family.” Our older son started at the academy preschool when he was a shy, unfriendly 3-year-old who found social situations very stressful. He is now a happy, friendly, confident Kindergartener who loves his “big-kid Abercrombie school”. Our younger son started last year as soon as he turned 3 in October. He was an extremely shy boy and also did not like strangers. In less than a year, he has already grown into an active, energetic, and talkative little boy who loves his “little-kid Abercrombie school” and tells us every day that “Mrs. Alamdari is my mommy at school”. The love and attention the director, teachers and staff give to both of our sons is so special and we are grateful for that every day. We cannot say enough good things about this school!  So why Abercrombie Academy? I think the answer is clear: our children are their priority; as a big “family”, they love and treat your children like their own. If you ask our little son this question, I am sure his answer would be “because I have a mommy at school.” Current Abercrombie Parents, Vu Phung, Physician and Thenga Nguyen, Nurse Practitioner


Teaching Staff

"When I first began teaching at Abercrombie Academy, I was amazed at the  enormous love and care I witnessed being bestowed on the children by the teachers and staff.  Now many years later, I am still proud, as well as humbled,  to be a part of this amazing, nurturing group of professionals. I believe this quality of care sets Abercrombie Academy apart from other schools.  When they are with us, we truly love and care for the children as if they were our own."  Current Preschool Teacher


"As a new teacher at Abercrombie Academy, my experience teaching here has far exceeded what I anticipated for my career. With a deep nurturing and true compassion for students and staff as well as being academically rigorous, Abercrombie Academy has the perfect combination for an educational and professional atmosphere." Current Elementary School Teacher