Message from School Principal


School Principal


Welcome to Abercrombie Academy!  My name is Mary Marsalis.  I was born in Alexandria, Egypt to Greek parents.  My passion for working with children was fostered early as I grew up in a private school environment with my father as a principal.  I was taught at a very early age that no one can take good manners or a sound education away from a person.

I completed my education in England where I met my husband.  Once married, we moved to Houston and started our family.  In 1982, I enrolled our youngest daughter in Abercrombie for Pre-Kindergarten.  As a young, stay-at-home mom, I started volunteering and pretty soon     Mrs. Abercrombie, my mentor, hired me.  She saw my passion for education before I did!  I directed the school from pre-school through third grade.  In 1990 we built our elementary campus and, at that time, Mrs. Abercrombie directed first through fifth grade in the new building.  I remained in the pre-school building which housed three year olds through Kindergarten.

Through the years I have been blessed with highly qualified, nurturing teachers who love to teach young children.

This year Terry Abercrombie has asked me to head our entire school.  It is a great honor!  I hope and pray that this very special haven for children will continue to blossom and grow.

If children love to learn at an early age, they will continue to grow all their lives and be productive members of society.

Accreditation and Affiliations

Texas Alliance of Accredited Private Schools        We are an affiliate member of the STEM Education Coalition and our curriculum is centered around a STEM foundation, promoting Science, Technology, Engineering and Math.   

We embrace our cultural diversity at Abercrombie, and are a proud "No Place For Hate" school through the Antii-Defamation League.     Particiation in interscholastic competition enables students to broaden their horizons. We rejoined the PSIA in 2014, and look forward to future participlation.     More than 75% of our 4th Graders have qualified for the Duke University Talent Identification Program (TIP).  Houston Area Independent Schools Library Network

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