Message from Preschool Director

Welcome to Abercrombie Academy!  My name is Mary Marsalis. Born in Alexandria, Egypt to Greek parents, my passion for working with children was fostered early as I grew up in a school environment with my father as a principal.  I was taught at a very early age that no one can take good manners or a sound education away from a person.  

I completed my education in England where I met my husband.  Once married, we moved to Houston and started our family.  In 1982, I enrolled our youngest daughter in Abercrombie for pre-K.  As a young, stay-at-home mom, I started volunteering and pretty soon Mrs. Cathy Abercrombie, my mentor, hired me. She saw my passion before I did!  As our two daughters love to say: “We outgrew Abercrombie, but mom is still there!”  Must have done something right…they sent all five of my grandsons to Abercrombie.

I believe that children, guided by loving, qualified teachers, can learn anything.  They are truly sponges with an immense thirst for knowledge.  I also discovered that they learn much through music. That is why, in addition to guiding my teachers, I enjoy teaching music to our little ones and sharing in their excitement of learning.  We learn Spanish and French songs. We are learning to count to ten in 4 additional languages, Spanish, French, Greek and Arabic.   We talk about what countries these languages are spoken in and how some alphabets and numerals are different.  A recent quote from an alumni: “Mrs. Marsalis, I was in Paris with my family and could order from the menu in French.”

In our pre-school, we believe all children learn differently, and we work to build on each child’s strengths and enhance all skills, including academic, physical, social and emotional aspects to encourage a well-rounded individual. 

If children love to learn at an early age, they will continue to grow all their lives and be productive members of society.

                                                                                Ms. Marsalis