Our Team


 Mr. Abercrombie  
Head of School / Owner

Marsalis Ms. Marsalis  
School Principal


 Ms. Risdal    
Preschool Teacher

 Ms. Alamdari          
Pre-K Teacher

 Ms. Wilson              
Pre-K Teacher

 Ms. Duke
Kindergarten Teacher  

Barnett Ms. Barnett   
1st Grade Teacher 

 Ms. Fitzgerald          
2nd Grade Teacher 

 Ms. Barth 
3rd Grade Teacher

 Ms. Skelton 
4th Grade Teacher

 Ms. Watkins  
5th Grade Teacher 


 Ms. Caine   
Elementary School Librarian

 Ms. Alvis   
Elementary School Music Teacher

Weeber Ms. Weeber
Preschool / Elementary School Spanish Teacher 

Beth Weaver Ms. Weaver
Elementary School Art Teacher

 Ms. Marek 
Preschool / Elementary School Computer Teacher

Ms. Urbanek
Preschool / Elementary School P.E Coach


 Ms. Crespo
Preschool Extended Care

Mccormick Ms. McCormick
Elementary School Extended Care

 Ms. Miller 
Elementary School Extended Care Assistant


Smith Ms. Smith 
Administrative Assistant (Elementary)

johnson Ms. Johnson 
Administrative Assistant (Preschool)

Lynn Ms. Lange
Accounting Department

Accreditation and Affiliations

Texas Alliance of Accredited Private Schools        We are an affiliate member of the STEM Education Coalition and our curriculum is centered around a STEM foundation, promoting Science, Technology, Engineering and Math.   

We embrace our cultural diversity at Abercrombie, and are a proud "No Place For Hate" school through the Antii-Defamation League.     Particiation in interscholastic competition enables students to broaden their horizons. We rejoined the PSIA in 2014, and look forward to future participlation.     More than 75% of our 4th Graders have qualified for the Duke University Talent Identification Program (TIP).  Houston Area Independent Schools Library Network

17102 Theiss Mail Route Road
Spring, TX 77379
Fax: 281-257-2207