Message from School Founder

As I was growing up, I never knew a woman could be anything other than a teacher!  My grandmother was a teacher, and both my sisters taught. So, I went to UT in Austin and majored in Elementary Education.

Fortunately, after graduating, I was able to teach for eight years in public school moving around Texas and New Mexico, as my husband was in the oil business.  My favorite schools were those with traditional methods of teaching the basic skills.  And I always loved the arts myself and have been thrilled to see how our students have excelled in some of these special subjects.

In 1969 when my husband and I moved to Houston, we were overwhelmed to see the beautiful CyFair elementary campus where our daughter would attend first grade.  But our son Terry was five years old and we soon learned there were no children to play with in our subdivision.  We needed to find a school!

That was the reasoning behind starting our own school at our original location on Woerner Road.  And it has been an extremely rewarding endeavor.  We started with preschool through first grade for a number of years.  Then with the purchase of the Theiss Mail Road campus, we were able to add all of the elementary grades.

We owe our successes in the field of education to the many wonderful teachers who have been a part of our family and to the dedicated parents who have sacrificed to keep their children in a private school. I have files of letters and notes from parents and ex-students praising our school for its help in getting them started on their educational journey.  We have second-generation children in our school now. 

I thank all of you parents who have allowed us to educate your children. 

                                                                               Cathy Abercrombie